Image credit: Izzy Gramp

Image credit: Izzy Gramp

Dr. Dan Golding is a critic, academic, and the director of the Freeplay Independent Games Festival. He holds a PhD from The University of Melbourne, and is a Lecturer in Media and Communications at Swinburne University of Technology. He is the co-author of Game Changers: From Minecraft to Misogyny, The Fight for the Future of Videogames (Affirm Press, 2016) and responsible for the music in the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 game, Push Me Pull You.

In 2015, his series ‘A Short History of Video Games’ was broadcast on ABC Radio National, which was later Highly Commended at the 13th Annual IT Journalism ‘Lizzie’ awards. His writing regularly appears at Metro Magazine, where he is a contributing editor. In the past, Dan wrote for Crikey.com.au, where he ran their games blog, for which he won the ‘Best Games Journalist’ award at the 11th Annual IT Journalism ‘Lizzie’ awards. Between 2010-2015, Dan wrote the ‘Game Theory’ column for Hyper Magazine, and in 2013 Dan had a regular column at Kill Your Darlings. He has also been published at ABC ArtsThe GuardianMeanjin, The Walkley MagazineScreen Education, The Conversation, The AustralianKotaku and PC PowerPlay, while his writing has been cited by TIME Magazine, The New York Times, Slate, Salon, Buzzfeed, and The New Statesman. Dan has been a regular on the RRR radio program Byte Into It, and has appeared on SBS Television and numerous ABC local radio stations (Melbourne, Darwin, South-West NSW, Canberra), as well as Radio National. He has also spoken at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival, the Perth Writer’s Festival, the Emerging Writer’s Festival, and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

Dan is also the co-founder and an editor of Press Select Publishing.

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