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Radio, speaking, media

My four-part radio documentary on the history of videogames for ABC Radio National can be listened to and podcasted here.

My soundtrack for the local-multiplayer PlayStation 4 game, Push Me Pull You, can be downloaded at Band Camp here.

I’m regularly interviewed by print, radio, and television media on a range of topics, including videogames, film, and film music. I’ve been on ABC Radio National, ABC local Melbourne, Canberra, Darwin, and others. I’ve also been on SBS TV news and ABC News 24 (television).

Recently, I’ve been interviewed in print by Arts Hub, The Herald Sun, and The Australian.

I’ve also spoken at dozens of festivals, conferences, and events, including pre-concert events for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the Melbourne Writer’s Festival, the Perth Writer’s Festival, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, the Human Rights Film Festival, the Wheeler Centre, the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, and Screen Futures.

If you’d like to get in touch about a speaking opportunity, feel free to contact me.

I keep an updated list of my media appearances at my University page.